Insurance Services for Private Clients

Turnberry Financial Planning works with a panel of insurers to provide you with the most suitable, yet cost effective insurance solutions. We deal with many types of insurance and arrange policies ranging from very small amounts to multi million pound cover levels.

We are experienced enough to know the market and can help to avoid the ‘pitfalls’ in insurance policy wording. Remember, when taking out insurance, the most important thing to consider is ‘will this policy actually pay out?’ This is what we aim to achieve.

Why Choose Turnberry Financial Planning

  • We offer a bespoke service to our clients
  • We will NEVER try to sell. Our job is to advise
  • We work with lenders and providers from the whole of the market
  • We have an excellent understanding of the market
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What Our Client’s Say

Turnberry took the time to understand exactly what I wanted from my life insurance and what’s more, they arranged my Will for me too!!.
Joan Adams, N/A