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It's been a long time coming... we know.  At Turnberry Financial Planning, we've been so busy helping our clients that we've neglected our online presence... a lot. So to break us in gently, we thought that it would be a good idea to share a great, easy to read guide to 12 key Brexit Terms that we came across whilst reading a BBC news article. There has been so much talk of Brexit lately as we're due to come out of the European Union (not to be confused with Europe) on 29th March 2019. Lots of our clients are having

Get the facts on equity release – releasing the cash from your home!

Get the facts on equity release – releasing the cash from your home! Equity release is extremely popular, with a staggering £1.61 billion released from homes last year*. Equity release has changed and evolved considerably in recent years. There are new providers who have entered the market, which has increased the range of products on offer. So, if you are considering equity release as a way to boost your finances, here are some facts you really should know: What is equity release? Equity release is a way to access some of the cash locked in your home. The money you

Are you self-employed and need a mortgage?

Are you self-employed and need a mortgage? It’s not as hard as you may think… Being self-employed has its perks...and its problems! Thousands of successful Brits have to jump through many loop holes in order to become a homeowner. Self-employed Brits are on a level playing field when applying for a mortgage despite tough new rules, the financial regulator has insisted. The Financial Conduct Authority acknowledges that some lenders think affordability rules are too tough on self-employed borrowers. What changed? After the financial crisis, regulators decided to bring in stricter rules on who lenders could or couldn’t hand out mortgages

Your Mortgage: How Brexit could affect it!

What would be the consequences to your mortgage if the UK voted to leave the European Union next week? You've probably read and heard many different stories about how house prices will plummet and mortgage rates will soar, leading to a potential all-out housing market crisis, if the UK decides to leave the EU. Is that just scaremongering or should we all be worried? What does George Osborne say? Chancellor George Osborne has been vocal about how he believes a vote to leave the EU would cause a housing market crisis. He said at last month’s meeting of the International

Lenders are ready to lend

After attending a conference yesterday with some senior executives of Lenders such as Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, Platform, Virgin Money and Barclays, the outlook is bright. Lenders say that they are all keen to lend and have a good 'appetite for lending'. With the new regulator - the Financial Conduct Authority and the implementation of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) which gives Lenders the responsibility of assessing affordability, there will still be sensible lending rules in place which the market has adapted to over the last few years. It does however mean that lenders are going to be acting a

How much deposit do I really need for my first mortgage?

Many of our clients are asking 'how much do we really need to save to buy a house?' These days, you can't walk into your local estate agent, see a house, get a 100% mortgage without providing any proof of earnings and four - six weeks later become the owner of your first property!! Times have changed... But what do you need to know when purchasing your first home? Here are a few tips for someone looking for their first (or any) Mortgage! A First Time Buyer Loan is a great way to get on to the housing market, but

Do Commercial Loans still exist?

The answer to this question is YES... sort of! There are many more restrictions on Commercial Loans these days, and the availability of them (especially for property related loans) is low however, we at Turnberry Financial Planning maintain great relationships with a variety of Commercial Lenders and are very well placed to review your business information and establish which lender would be the best fit for you. Drop us a line if you want some more information on obtaining a Commercial Loan -  

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