After attending a conference yesterday with some senior executives of Lenders such as Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, Platform, Virgin Money and Barclays, the outlook is bright. Lenders say that they are all keen to lend and have a good ‘appetite for lending’. With the new regulator – the Financial Conduct Authority and the implementation of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) which gives Lenders the responsibility of assessing affordability, there will still be sensible lending rules in place which the market has adapted to over the last few years. It does however mean that lenders are going to be acting a bit more sensibly, not only lending to, lets face it, the only people who don’t really need the money.

Statistics show that the government backed, help to buy schemes really did boost the market last year, and, although the average age of a first time buyer has gone up, it did reduce slightly last year… Finally, first time buyers, are actually able to get a mortgage.

In summary, the good news is, there are still lenders out there, offering good products, who do want to lend. They all advise the use of a mortgage broker, and some lenders, such as the CO-OP are not focusing their efforts ‘in branch’ and are advising clients to use a broker to enable them to get the best products across the whole of the market.

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